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Why Is The Car Wrecking Industry So Popular In Sydney?

Have you ever wondered how car wreckers in Sydney grew in popularity over the years? The vehicle buying service was an underdog compared to dealerships and private buyers; however, more people are starting to discover its many advantages.

You may be wondering: What do car wreckers in Sydney even do? In simplest terms, wrecking companies dismantle old, damaged, or decommissioned cars in environmentally friendly ways, recovering any useable parts and selling them.

Here’s The Secret To A Car Wrecker In Sydney’s Success

  • Eco Friendly Wrecking Process

The most notable feature of wrecking companies is that they get rid of your car according to highly regulated eco-friendly standards. This means that a vehicle is recycled to its fullest potential, regardless of its condition beforehand.

Imagine a damaged 2009 Honda Civic, for instance. Generally, it has a recycling rate of about 90%, including its wheels, tyres, windshields, and batteries. These components will be removed from the vehicle and cleaned, with the wrecker selling them as spare parts.

But before that, the Civic must be rid of any fluids, such as engine oil and antifreeze to prevent them from polluting the soil. In addition, the gas and oil can still be filtered for contaminants and reused!

Finally, the most crucial step of the recycling aspect is recovering the car’s metals. All vehicles contain about 1088kg of steel, which will be crushed, shredded, and sorted to manufacture brand-new products. In fact, General Motors alone buys more than 7 million tons of steel each year!

  • Excellent Quality Services

You’ll never have a bad day dealing with professional auto wreckers. One drawback of transacting with private parties is that you might end up with rude and demanding buyers, especially when your vehicle is not in the condition they expect.

Plus, there’s the case of intermediaries. Sure, hiring one can take the weight of selling a car off your hands, but it also comes with a few disadvantages such as costly fees and mismatched schedules.

On the other hand, car wreckers offer nothing but high-quality services, prioritising your comfort and convenience over everything else. You aren’t required to tow a vehicle by yourself, and there’s barely any paperwork to fill out!

  • Top Cash Offers For Cars

Perhaps the greatest reason car wreckers in Sydney have increasingly gained popularity is their incredible pricing system that can earn you thousands of dollars.

For example, at Omega Cash for Cars, we calculate your vehicle’s price according to its make, model, and year. As a result, we can offer you up to $9000 for any car, no matter its condition!

Find out how much you can earn from a scrap vehicle now by calling Omega Cash for Cars at 0401234711.