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unwanted car removal

If you have an unwanted car in your garage and you want to clear up your space by selling it, you can consider Omega Cash for Cars for unwanted car removal services. Instead of repairing your old car and spending lots of money on it, you can exchange your car for cash. As the time passes, your unwanted car may lose its value so, at Omega Cash for Cars, it is our mission to offer you the most competitive rates in the market no matter your vehicle is old, junk or scrap.

So, what are you waiting for now? If you do not want to bear hefty advertisement fees for your old unwanted car, contact us right now and get a hassle-free experience!

CHOOSE the Best Car Removal Company in sydney

Omega Cash for Cars is a popular car removal company in Sydney that is insured and licensed and provides safety and security when it comes to unwanted car removal Sydney. We are experienced in evaluating your car and assessing how much your car is worth. At Omega Cash for Cars, we have an experienced team of car removal professionals who are always ready to take away the old or unwanted cars from our clients in return for cash, hence providing them with a seamless experience throughout the whole car removal process.

Professionalism, quality removal service, free towing, competitive rates, high level of customer service, and acceptance of all types of cars is what makes Omega Cash for Carss unique in the car removal industry.

What Model of Cars do We Take?

Omega Cash for Cars does not believe in picking certain models of cars. Whatever the model or brand of your car is, we will accept it. If it is broken, dented, rusted, flooded or even if the interior of the vehicle is damaged, no worries as we will take the car from you while giving you cash.

We offer free towing service regardless of what car you want to get removed. Our professionals are experts in taking away every type of vehicle.

our simple car removal process

The process of getting unwanted car removal services is very easy. You can call us on 0401234711 and get a free quote for unwanted car removal. If you are happy with our quote, we will send our car removal experts at your place whenever it is convenient for you.

You do not need to handle the paperwork for car removal as we will handle all the necessary paperwork for registration. Once you put the signatures or the whole paperwork process completes, we will provide free towing service to take away your vehicle and hand you the cash.

contact us right now!

CALL US NOW or you can fill the enquiry form if you want to know more about our car removal service.


Omega Cash for Cars is different compared to its competitors and other unwanted car removal companies in Sydney. Because we come to your doorstep along with FREE towing services to carry out the car removal in an effortless manner for you. We don’t delay our services even for a single day.

If possible and convenient for you, we come to your location the same day to carry out the car removal. All you have to do is CALL US DIRECTLY AT 0401234711 OR CONTACT US through our online platform. We will send you an instant free quote without any strings attached. In case you are happy with our offer, just let us know your availability, and we will come to collect the car ASAP!

You can say goodbye to all your worries, stress, and hassles that has been keeping you from selling your unwanted car and connect with us NOW for the easiest unwanted car removal ever!

We accept cars and vehicles of all makes and models regardless of their current condition. Besides, we try our level best to bring you the fair valuation that your car deserves. So, it is a guarantee from our side that you wouldn’t find a better price for your car anywhere else in the market. Moreover, we will follow the green and safety protocols while wrecking and disposing of your car, so you have done even had to be worried about imprinting the environment. Go ahead and schedule your unwanted car removal TODAY!