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What Is A Car Scrap Yard And Why Should You Visit Scrap Yards In Sydney?

Are you familiar with car scrap yards in Sydney? They’re more beneficial for the environment than you probably realise.

How Car Scrap Yards In Sydney Work

First things first: What exactly is an automotive scrap yard? These are businesses that buy wrecked, damaged, and unusable vehicles from various sources. They also buy vehicles that still work as long as you’re willing to sell them.

After buying the cars, wrecking yards will dismantle them for spare parts and scrap metal. This is what sets them apart from landfills. They recycle the entirety of the vehicle, making sure that nothing is wasted.

Here’s A Deeper Look Into How Car Scrap Yards Make Use Of Your Vehicle:

  • Removal Of Toxic Substances

Before the vehicle recycling process starts, a car must be rid of all its hazardous materials. This step prevents toxic fluids from polluting the environment and endangering the health of people and animals.

For example, we will dispose of your vehicle’s coolant, brake fluid, battery acid, and air conditioning gas.

  • Dismantling

Next, the vehicle will be taken apart and checked for any reusable components. These spare parts are then sold to remanufacturers or other car owners looking for more affordable replacements.

For example, your vehicle’s batteries, engine, catalytic converter, and wheels are separated from the metal frame.

  • Destruction

Lastly, the remaining vehicle frame will be crushed and shredded to save space. Then, it will undergo the following processes:

  • Magnetic separation, which allows us to separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals
  • Detinning, which helps remove a thin layer of tin from the car
  • Melting, where steel is placed into a furnace and rolled into flat sheets for further use
  • Transportation

Once the processes above have been completed, car scrap yards will send the recycled metals to various manufacturers. These materials are necessary to make different products, such as brand-new vehicle frames!

The Benefits Of Going To A Car Scrap Yard In Sydney

As you can see, scrapping your vehicle is much better for the environment than leaving it to rust on your property. Scrapping can also help you save space at home while giving you some cash that you can use towards the purchase of a newer, more efficient vehicle.

The best car scrap yards in Sydney can offer you a reasonable sum of cash for your junk vehicle. At Omega Cash for Cars, we can pay you up to $9000 depending on your vehicle’s condition.

You can call for our services by contacting 0401 234 711 and we’ll immediately give you a quote. On top of that, our professional scrappers will pick up your car straight from your location!