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Car wrecking services is not a new concept in the industry; it is a prevailing concept since long. Car wrecking basically means to get your trash or junk car dismantled to take out and reuse the spare parts. It can bring you quite a lot of bucks, depending on the usability of the spare parts. We are a certified car wrecker and provide unrivalled car wrecking services all around Sydney. If you feel that your car is no longer fit to be used, owing to any reason, just let us know and will wreck it for you.

#1 Auto Wreckers in Sydney

We believe in keeping our customer’s demands on priority. That is why we cater to 24/7 services, making us the leading auto wreckers in Sydney.

As car wreckers, we aim to get all the work done for you, so you don’t have to do a thing! Time is already a luxury, and therefore, our towing experts will come to your location. As we are based in NSW, our car disposal services cater to regions and cities all over Sydney. No matter where you live or even if you are stranded with your car, we will come find you.

So, if you are looking for ‘car wreckers near me’ services, we’re your guys!

We are the Local Car Wreckers in Sydney paying top Cash

If you have an old car that you want to sell, we recommend you first research the price value. Several car exchange offers almost never work in your favour. You’ll always be given a lesser quote than expected. Private buyers or close friends will also expect discounted offers. Some may negotiate until you give up and sell the car at a loss.

We don’t want to see you at the end of a bad bargain. That is why, we are one of the best wreckers Sydney has to offer. Give us a call and our experts will evaluate the price of your car based on a few essential details. What’s more, is that the quote provided is free, with no obligation of getting back to us. Call us on 0401234711 to get choose our ‘sell car to wreckers’ service today.

We Offer Top Cash For Wrecked Cars In Sydney

If you are having second thoughts about selling your vehicle to a personal friend or stranger, we’re here. As top Sydney wreckers, we offer up to $9,000 for Toyota, Hyundai & other cars disposal. The price may even go higher depending on the condition of your vehicle.

However, regardless of the condition, make, model, year, or damage, we will accept your vehicle. We are the leading CAR WRECKERS IN SYDNEY who will make sure that your requirements are met.

We Buy Wrecked Cars Of All Makes And Models In Any Condition

As the premium wreckers Sydney provides, you can opt for our ‘sell car to wreckers’ offer. We will do a removal and car disposal, regardless of the make or model. In the past, we’ve had multiple brand car owners come to us for our ‘car disposal Sydney’ services.












If you have a car model or make that you would like to discuss; feel free to contact us. Our experts are well-versed with the current and previously existing market prices. They will evaluate a generous price for your vehicle by asking you a few details.

Some owners have even bought vintage cars in the past years. These cars while aesthetically are appealing have an expiry of its own too. We buy vintage cars at premium rates.

We Provide Free Same-Day Scrap Car Wrecking Sydney Wide

Having a junk vehicle in your garage can take up a lot of space. As it lay undriven for a long time, the car collects dust and gets rusted. The auto parts too start to break down, leaking toxic fluids. The more you keep such a car around, the more market value it loses. Many manufacturing companies profit from old and junk cars.

Therefore, car removals become a necessary outcome which proves to benefit the scrapyard, metal manufacturers, and the vehicle owner. As Sydney wreckers, we give you our full and maximum time to serve you best.

Seeing as junk cars require immediate towing, we offer a ‘car removal for cash’ service. We pay a high amount for towing your vehicle.

Step 1: Get in touch for a Free Quote

Call us at 0401234711 or fill our enquiry form above to get a FREE QUOTE.

Step 2: Get a Free Car Pick Up

If you agree to the price value quote, our team will do a car removal, no matter the location or time.

Step 3: Get paid up to $9,000

You will receive the price quoted on the same day of the car removal.

Why You Should Choose Us For car wrecking or car disposal?

As a service in car disposal Sydney provides its finest professionals to you.

Here’s how you will benefit from selling your car for cash to us.

  • You get paid a premium rate of up to $9,000 or even higher.
  • You won’t have to do any paperwork. It will all be done by Omega Cash for Cars experts.
  • There are no hidden or extra charges. Right from providing a quote for your car to the towing process; it’s all free.
  • Our trained staff will drive to your location for towing. You do not have to drive all the way to our scrapyard.
  • You get a free quotation from us with no obligation to agree or go forward with the car selling deal.
  • No matter the condition, make, model, age, or damage of your car, we will accept it regardless!
  • You don’t have to worry about your car being old or new, damaged, scrap, unwanted, or junk. We buy cars in Sydney no matter their extent of damage or year of age.
  • We are a used car buyer, including other vehicle types, be it a van, truck, ute, or 4WD.
  • You get a spacious driveway or garage in no time.
  • After earning a premium price for your old vehicle, you will have more than enough to buy a new car.
  • You will get 24/7 service from us. Your can call us at any time for your car removal requirements.

Get these premium package benefits and more from Omega Cash for Cars.

How Our Car Wrecking System In Sydney Works?

We have an easy-going car removal system that works towards making processes simpler for you. Our vehicle towing service is done on the same day of the quote agreement. As used car buyers in Sydney, we believe in providing you superfast ‘sell my car Sydney’ services.

  1. Give us a call or fill our enquiry form to get a FREE QUOTE on your vehicle.
  2. Our experts will share a PREMIUM RATE of up to $9,000 based on the details you share and the current market price.
  3. After the price is agreed upon, our VEHICLE TOWING EXPERTS will arrive on the same day at the specified location.
  4. Your car will be TOWED while maintaining MAXIMUM SAFETY PROTOCOL.
  5. We will commence with and complete all FORMALITIES and PAPERWORK for you.
  6. On the same day of the car removal, you will get PAID IN CASH. Other payment options like bank transfer or cheque are also considered.

Request a Free Quote for Car Wrecking Services

The process to request a free quote is simple and easy. Simply CALL US on 0401234711 OR fill in the online quotation form available at the top of the page. Once our team receives your quotation request, we will provide you with a free quote based on the details. We will mutually decide a day and time tow your car to our junkyard for wreckage. We are all about your convenience and ease.