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car buyers SYDNEY

If you are looking for a reliable car buyer in Sydney, look no further as we are here for you. We will buy your car from you and offer you the best cash value for that in return. We buy every type, model and size of the car. No matter if your car is, burnt, damaged, trashed, junk, drowned or completely wrecked etc. We welcome every car in whatever condition it is in.

We are the most reliable, fast and experienced car buyer in Sydney.


If you are looking for used car buyers in Sydney, then we will give you an offer you can’t refuse. We have a quick and easy 3-step car removal service ready to serve you.

Step 1: Get in touch for a Free Quote

Call us at 0401234711 or fill our enquiry form above to get a FREE QUOTE.

Step 2: Get a Free Car Pick Up

If you agree to the price value quote, our team will do a car removal, no matter the location or time.

Step 3: Get paid up to $9,000

You will receive the price quoted on the same day of the car removal.

Buy my car in Sydney

Many clients have long had issues with their cars but found it difficult to let go. We understand the value owners have for their cars. That is why we have trained professionals to carry out seamless vehicle towing processes. All towing procedures are carried out under maximum safety protocol.

It’s also difficult for car owners to find authentic towing companies in Sydney. This is where we play a significant role to serve you best.

However, ‘sell my car fast’ services such as ours can not just serve you but the environment as well. Selling your old vehicle as soon as possible can help save the animals and plants around. Did you know that an old, junk, unwanted, or damaged vehicle is harmful to the environment?

All vehicles contain engine oil and other essential auto fluids to keep them running efficiently. However, as the years pass by and the old vehicle is left by itself, these essential elements turn poisonous. They leak out along with toxic gases and not only harm the people around but also animals and plants nearby.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that such cars are disposed of at the earliest. As car wreckers, we make sure that such harmful fluids and oils are properly disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

What type of vehicles, makes and models do we buy?

As car buyers in Sydney, we cater to vehicle removals of varied makes and models. In the past, we’ve had multiple brand car owners come to us for our services.


  • Lexus
  • Toyota
  • Chevrolet
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mercedes
  • BMW
  • Suzuki
  • Hyundai
  • Audi
  • Kia
  • Volkswagen


WE ACCEPT NON-DRIVABLE CARS; no matter its make or model, age or damage, we’ll take it all. As car buyers in NSW, we do not differentiate vehicles based on their make or model. So, if you are looking for ‘car buyers near me’ offers, welcome to Sydney’s leading vehicle removal and wrecking company.


Our free car removal services are not limited to registered cars. We understand how difficult it is to sell a vehicle that does not have the right paperwork. Hence, we readily accept buying unregistered car NSW wide.

It is better to sell your vehicle as soon as it gets old and cannot run anymore. However, while selling your unregistered car, it is all the more crucial. Owning an unregistered car is illegal in some States as you can also be heavily fined. These vehicles are mostly used for test drives, while some are bought because they are more affordable.

With us, you don’t have to worry about the car being unregistered. We have offers like ‘buying unregistered car NSW’ services, regardless of the vehicle’s condition or incomplete paperwork. So, selling your unregistered car in NSW will be a breeze with Omega Cash for Cars.

Why Choose Omega Cash for Cars to sell your car for cash?

As old car buyers in Sydney, we take pride in the services we provide in a seamless and hassle-free manner. Our clients have been truly satisfied with the way our trained experts carry out the car removal procedures. We’ve made sure that whoever does business with Omega Cash for Cars becomes first priority.

Several clients choose us because we have no extra or hidden charges. All additional costs are on us as we provide top dollar for your old car. We will cater to everything else, right from quoting a price to towing your vehicle for free.

We’ll take care of the formalities and paperwork as professional licensed car buyers in NSW. We’ll manage all the detailed work while you watch your driveway clear in a matter of few hours.

There will be no delays as we believe in rendering all our services in the quickest way possible.

How Our Car Removal System In Sydney Works?

We have an easy-going car removal system that works towards making processes simpler for you. Our vehicle towing service is done on the same day of the quote agreement. As used car buyers in Sydney, we believe in providing you superfast ‘sell my car Sydney’ services.

  1. Give us a call or fill our enquiry form to get a FREE QUOTE on your vehicle.
  2. Our experts will share a PREMIUM RATE of up to $9,000 based on the details you share and the current market price.
  3. After the price is agreed upon, our VEHICLE TOWING EXPERTS will arrive on the same day at the specified location.
  4. Your car will be TOWED while maintaining MAXIMUM SAFETY PROTOCOL.
  5. We will commence with and complete all FORMALITIES and PAPERWORK for you.
  6. On the same day of the car removal, you will get PAID IN CASH. Other payment options like bank transfer or cheque are also considered.


You may have found us while looking for car buyers online. That’s because we offer the best of ‘buy my car in Sydney’ offers. Here’s how you will benefit from selling your car for cash to us.

  • You get paid a premium rate of up to $9,000 or even higher.
  • You won’t have to do any paperwork. It will all be done by Omega Cash for Cars experts.
  • There are no hidden or extra charges. Right from providing a quote for your car to the towing process; it’s all free.
  • Our trained staff will drive to your location for towing. You do not have to drive all the way to our scrapyard.
  • You get a free quotation from us with no obligation to agree or go forward with the car selling deal.
  • No matter the condition, make, model, age, or damage of your car, we will accept it regardless!
  • You don’t have to worry about your car being old or new, damaged, scrap, unwanted, or junk. We buy cars in Sydney no matter their extent of damage or year of age.
  • We are a used car buyer, including other vehicle types, be it a van, truck, ute, or 4WD.
  • You get a spacious driveway or garage in no time.
  • After earning a premium price for your old vehicle, you will have more than enough to buy a new car.
  • You will get 24/7 service from us. Your can call us at any time for your car removal requirements.


Whatever The Reason For Getting Rid Of Your Used Car, You Must Choose Your Car Buyer Smartly Because:

Not all the car buyers are just when it comes to paying for the used cars. You must research and find the right car buyers that will offer you the right value for your car. This is where Omega cash for cars comes in. We buy cars in Sydney at the right price so that our clients get the most out of their used cars. Buying unregistered car in NSW isn’t what every used car buyer does, but you can come to us with any type of car and we will buy it from you.

Buy my car” in Sydney can be a troublesome process when you don’t have the right company by your side. But with Omega Cash for Cars as your partner, you will not have a single worry as we have the most effortless car buying process ever.

Just CALL US AT 0401234711 OR CONTACT US online and we will resolve all your issues within a day.

If you want your car buyer to handle your car wrecking and disposal in an eco-friendly way, then Omega Cash for Cars is the perfect buyer for you as we follow safety standards to wreck each car and keep the imprint on the environment to the minimum.

Contact us today and sell your used and unwanted car ASAP!