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What’s The Difference Between Scrap Yards And Wrecking Yards?

Where’s the best place to send your old and unwanted vehicle? You might have heard a few terms being tossed around, such as “wrecking yards” and “car scrap yards in Sydney.” But is there a difference between the two?

Car Scrap Yards In Sydney vs. Wrecking Yards

Despite the similar names, car scrap yards and wrecking yards have a few slight differences. First, let’s define the former.

In Australia, car scrap yards refer to the location of a business where decommissioned vehicles are brought for dismantling. They are specially designed to take in any car, regardless of whether it’s running or not.

Generally, Car Scrap Yards In Sydney Perform The Following Recycling Process:

  • Removal of fluids

The first and most crucial step of car scrapping is removing all the vehicle’s fluids. This includes the engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid.

Why is this the case? Not many people know that these liquids are harmful to the environment, plus they can damage one’s health if accidentally ingested or inhaled. Hence, they must be removed at the scrap yard to prevent the public from coming across them.

  • Removal Of Useable Parts

What’s unique about car scrap yards is that they make use of every component of an unwanted vehicle. After all, your beater may still contain a reusable engine or undamaged windows, and they can still be sold as spare parts.

  • Vehicle Shredding

Once all the valuable parts are removed from a vehicle, it will undergo shredding via a magnetic separator. This ensures that the car’s metal components are categorised into ferrous and non-ferrous, preparing them for further recycling.

  • Transport

Lastly, the scrap metal will be mixed with other materials to increase their strength. This step prepares them for the final destination; an automobile manufacturer that buys scraps to produce new car frames.

The recycling process ensures that valuable yet non-renewable materials, such as steel and aluminium are reused instead of mined from virgin ore. This helps conserve energy and resources, protecting the local environment from soil pollution and erosion.

So, what about wrecking yards in Sydney? Like car scrap yards, tons of scrap metal will end up at these sites. However, it stops there. Wrecking yards do not make use of a car’s parts. They only focus on buying metals, regardless of where they come from.

So if you’re trying to get rid of your vehicle in the most efficient way, car scrap yards in Sydney like Omega Cash for Cars are the better option. Meanwhile, if you want to sell your old appliances, aluminium cans, and copper wires, wrecking yards are the place to go.

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