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What You Should Know About Toyota Car Wreckers In Sydney

Is your favourite Hilux due for another expensive repair? Maybe it’s time to skip the mechanic and go directly to a Toyota wrecker in Sydney. Unfortunately, even the best cars reach the end of their service life, and it’s not safe to keep them at home even when you’ve grown attached to them.

Why should you take it to a wrecking company of all places? Because it’s the best way to say goodbye to a beloved car. Here are a few important things to note about Toyota wreckers in Sydney:

  • Wrecking Process

If you’re not familiar with wrecking, let us introduce you by its other name: recycling. That’s right, the car wrecking process is essentially recycling, and it involves the following steps:

  1. Depollution

Before everything else, the vehicle must be rid of its fluids to ensure proper disposal. Engine oil, gasoline, and coolant can leak from the car and pollute the environment, and depollution prevents these liquids from doing any damage.

  1. Dismantling

After all the fluids have been disposed of, the car will be thoroughly searched and dismantled for usable parts. These spare components will be cleaned and resold at a more affordable price. The engine, wheels, tyres, windows, and seats are particularly valuable.

  1. Crushing And Shredding

Once the car has been dismantled for parts, all that remains is its metal shell. It will be crushed then shredded into even smaller pieces to save space.

In addition, at advanced facilities, the shredder can separate the metals into ferrous and non-ferrous categories to make the next steps simpler.

  1. Resource Recovery

The scrap steel and aluminium that result from shredding are yet to reach their final forms. Therefore, to become stronger, they must be mixed with other metals. Auto shredder residues (ASR) such as rubber, glass, and plastic will be removed from the metals to prevent contamination. Usually, these materials end up in landfills.

  1. Transporting

Finally, the clean scrap metal is sent to manufacturers for the production of new car frames!

Benefits Of Wrecking

Wrecking or car recycling plays a significant role in the environment. The process helps conserve energy and resources. In fact, one tonne of recycled steel saves up to 1100kg of iron ore and 635kg of coal.

Additionally, vehicle recycling helps protect wildlife, reduce pollution, and save space!

The Best Toyota Wreckers In Sydney

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