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What Happens With Junk Cars At A Scrapyard?

I was searching for services on car removal near me and I found a bunch of scrapyards in the area. Should I get my old car cruelly wrecked? -Judy

Several others like Judy cannot fathom the idea of having their car being shred to pieces at a scrapyard. However, think of it as the greater good in the interest of the environment. Did you know that ten gallons of oil can be saved by recycling a ton of glass? This is because the amount of said oil is saved from being used in the production of new glass.

At a scrapyard, there are several other parts recycled when you opt for services of unwanted car removal in Sydney.

Parts of a junk car that get used

Almost all parts of a vehicle can be recovered with a recycling rate of more than 90%. The parts of a junk car that can be recycled include:

  • Tires
  • Windshield Glass
  • Batteries
  • Steel and Iron
  • Wheels
  • Radiators
  • Transmissions
  • Rubber Hoses
  • Carpets
  • Car Seats
  • Belts
  • Oil Filters
  • Mats

But what are some of these parts used as or for? Recycled tyres are used for making new roadways as they are used in pavement bases. Glass that is recycled from cars is used to manufacture tile flooring, countertops, porcelain, glass beads, and jewellery. Steel and iron from old cars are used to produce several different products. Vehicle batteries are used to produce new ones.

Giving your scrap car for removal in Sydney is an easy process. It is carried out in an organised manner without any hassles to the customer.

What happens with junk cars at a scrapyard?

When a car reaches the end of its lifecycle, you may opt for services of unwanted car removal in Sydney. At scrapyards like ours at Omega cash for cars, we do the following:

  1. We inspect the car: Our recycling unit does a detailed inspection of the car. They will check if the car is worth wrecking or salvaging to use its parts. The unit will proceed with recycling if the parts to repair look unprofitable.
  2. The car is dismantled: Right before the car is sent for dismantling, different fluids present in it have to be drained. The fluids are mainly oil, gas, antifreeze, transmission, and brake lubricants and fluids. Hazardous liquids are collected for safe disposal. Gas and oils are filtered and used for other purposes.
  3. Recovered parts are sold: If there are a few reusable parts like the engine, transmission, batteries and tyres are removed before complete dismantling. These are sold to auto-part re-manufacturers or directly to local repair companies.
  4. The car body is wrecked: Once the reusable parts are removed, the remaining car body is ready for crushing and shredding. The metal piece is reduced to a flat metal chunk or a cube as small as a small microwave oven.

If you are looking for a good deal for scrap car removal in Sydney then we are your best bet. Contact us to share more information about our scrapyard and other processes. We are open for you seven days of the week.