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Parts Of Your Car That Can Easily Get Damaged Without Proper Care

A few years ago, you bought a car of your favourite make and model. The vehicle has barely reached half a decade; it runs smoothly, and you’re even up to speed with excellent mileage. However, there’s this nagging thought that never leaves you regarding your vehicle’s safety. By safety, we mean road accidents, improper handling, and maintenance issues.

A car’s average lifespan is 10-12 years but stretching beyond its youthful years is wishful thinking. A few auto parts are more prone to damages than parts that are concealed from external wear. Before you know it, you find yourself searching for car removal near me ads online.

We understand how disheartening it can be when your vehicle of not more than ten years gets damaged easily. While we provide services for unwanted car removal in Sydney, we wouldn’t want your vehicle to age faster. So, we enlisted a few auto parts that damage easily to make you cautious and alert while driving.

Auto parts that damage easily

Here are mainly five auto parts that damage easily based on the impact of the collision.

1. Headlights

Headlights are made from plastic or glass. If the vehicle’s front-end suffers any heavy impact, the headlights will get easily damaged.

2. Front bumper

A front bumper is prone to damage regardless of speed. The bumper may suffer a few scratches from an impact under five mph. However, with a high impact, the bumper is likely to suffer a significant dent or fall off.

3. Fenders

A fender is what frames the wheels of a car. Its purpose is to prevent sand, mud, rocks, and liquids from being thrown into the air by the rotating tyres. The fender is the first part that gets damaged upon a side-end collision. It may sustain minor damages when squeezed into tight spots. 

4. Grille

A grille is present at the bottom front of the vehicle, just below the hood. It mainly covers the opening in the car’s body as it allows the entry and exit of air. The grille may suffer damage upon forceful impact from the front but may not suffer as much damaged as the headlights.

5. Hood

A hood, as we know, is the lid of the front body. It is likely to get directly damaged upon collision with a car. A hood, however, is designed to absorb crashes from accidents. The damage is still pretty evident, which makes it a necessary part to repair.

There are other parts of vehicles that get damaged based on the impact of the accident. However, the above five auto parts are the first to get damaged.

If your car has reached an irreversible stage after accidental damages, then go for scrap car removal in Sydney. Here, at Omega Cash for Cars, we ensure proper and respectful disposal of your vehicle. Be it an unwanted, damaged, scrap or junk car, we will recycle it with eco-friendly norms. What’s more, you will also get paid with up to $9,000 to sell your old car to us. For more details, you can contact us to get a free quote.