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Know What Paperwork You Need For Scrap Car Removal In Sydney!

Nobody likes to do paperwork. It’s time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you’re too busy dealing with more important tasks. However, if you’re selling your vehicle to scrap car removal in Sydney, completing your paperwork is of the utmost importance!

The Necessary Paperwork For Scrap Car Removal In Sydney

First, what you need as a seller is proof of your identity, such as an ID card or your driver’s licence. You’ll also need to prove your vehicle ownership with documents like the Registration Certificate and its title.

Don’t forget to remove your car’s registration plates before taking it to a scrapping company. The number plate must be returned to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for cancellation and failure to do so may result in hefty fines.

Make sure your scrap car removal company is concerned about the ownership of your vehicle. Some unreliable scrap yards may use cars for negative purposes, especially if they don’t ask for any proof of identity!

Other Information Needed By Scrap Car Removal Services

Besides paperwork, some scrappers may also request additional information regarding your car. These details are primarily used to figure out the worth of your vehicle, so make sure to estimate the price before selling it to a removal company:

  • Make, Model, And Year

Most car removal companies will ask for these details to help them determine the current market worth of your vehicle. If you want to find out for yourself, you can refer to trusted valuation platforms in Australia such as Red Book, Car Sales, and Cars Guide.

  • Scrap Metal Prices

The current price of scrap metals plays a significant role in the overall worth of your vehicle. For instance, the average car contains about 1080kg of steel and 140kg of aluminium, which go for $1.50 per kilogram each.

You can refer to Scrap Metal Sydney for a quick estimation of various scrap metals as of date.

  • Demand For Parts

Does your car still have a reusable engine and transmission system? Are its tyres and wheels still in good condition? Any sign of usable spare parts can increase the worth of your vehicle, especially if that component is highly in demand. A professional scrapper will be able to determine the price of your available spare parts after a quick inspection.

Fortunately, if doing paperwork is not your thing, there’s still a way for you to escape the troubling task. What you need is a reliable company for scrap car removal in Sydney that will take care of everything for you! You can contact Omega Cash for Cars to avail yourself of our hassle-free scrapping services!

Call us at 0401 234 711 and provide the necessary information so we can give you an instant quote, and you can easily schedule the pick-up whenever you’re available!