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In With A Brand New Car, Out With The Old

You’ve just been promoted, have moved into a posh locality, and your lifestyle is about to change. You had an old metal case of a small dungy car. You want a bigger and better one now. You’ve just been upgraded to a new level of status and your car is what will first be noticed. Making that first impression on the neighbourhood is what matters to you. So, it’s time to bring in the brand new car as you put out the old one.

But where do you store away the old car or can you give it away?

Yes, you can!

There is a way.

Free car removal service at Omega

At Omega cash for cars, we believe in an organised clean-up of old metal items that are no longer required. As old metals lose their purpose for you, there is one last thing they can do. Old metals can help you earn quick cash, especially services including old car removal, scrap car removal, and the unwanted car removal.

Based on the details you share about your car; we offer a price of up to $9,000. We offer a free car removal service with a quick, simple, and hassle-free process. We will accept your car regardless of its model, make and condition. Our expert team will check for parts that can be recycled and parts that can be reused. You won’t be required to clean it up or do any maintenance before delivering it to us. We will take it as it is.

Why we keep the process minimal

Paperwork and other documentation with necessary details can take a long time to complete. That is why we offer to make all the paperwork ready and manage the nitty-gritty in the process. We understand how valuable your time is, and therefore, spare you from all the complex procedures.

Our processes and requirements are minimal, quick and efficient. Hence, in most cases, we get the job done in a day.

Benefits of opting for an unwanted car removal service

You can enjoy several benefits by doing away with junk vehicles.

  • You can earn a good and reasonable price from your vehicle that you need no more.
  • You get paid on the same day as the unwanted car removal process.
  • You don’t have to drive the car to the scrapyard. We will do this for you.
  • The towing service is free. No hidden charges.
  • The car doesn’t have to be in working condition.
  • You have space for buying a modern car with new and enhanced features.

We run a 24×7 free car removal service in Sydney. Our mission is to ensure that your old vehicle experiences a smoother exit while you bring in the new metal that shines. Getting rid of old cars is also safe for the environment as it contains certain fluids and chemicals. These fluids and chemicals need to be disposed of safely and securely. Disposing of these harmful compounds from the car is carried out by the experts at Omega.

Want a free quote from us? You can give us a call on 0401234711.