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How To Get The Best Value For Your Scrap Car In Sydney

At Omega Cash for Cars, we serve our customers in the fastest and seamless way possible. As car owners, you are our #1 priority. Your scrap vehicle can fetch you top dollar in no time. Give us a call, and we’ll set the right price for you, beating any genuine quote by 5%.

Selling cars for scrap in Sydney

Selling cars for scrap gives you a spacious driveway, a safer environment, and safer travel. How do you manage to get these three golden benefits by taking just one step?

1. Free space in your driveway

A scrap car does nothing, absolutely nothing, except for block space. Be it in your garage or driveway; it just lies there until it gets worse and corroded. Gone are the days where no one knew what to do with a used, old car. They now sell cars for cash and earn a profit from scrap vehicles. After freeing space in your driveway, you have room for a new car.

2. Saving the environment

A scrap car cannot by itself save the environment unless you sell it to the scrapyard. There are three ways in which nature is secured.

The first way is that scrap and junk cars tend to leak toxic fluids and oils. It mixes with the groundwater by seeping through the ground. The plants and animals nearby are exposed, vulnerable and affected.

The second way is that, for making new metals, the earth’s natural reserves are depleted via ore mining. This way, the extraction of new metals reduces precious elements from the planet that will not replenish themselves.

The third way is energy utilisation. A lot of energy is used up for extracting ores and forging new metal. On the other hand, way less power is consumed in recycling used metal. Also, recycled metal is as good in performance, durability, and quality as pure metals.

3. Travel safety

Many owners want to continue living under the notion that their scrap car is worth keeping. They believe that it’s still safe to drive as a spare. While this may be true to a certain extent, your scrap car becomes a road hazard. An old scrap vehicle has auto parts that won’t function as well as it used to before. On the contrary, it may have rusted and cracked, rendering itself dysfunctional. The car may break down in the middle of a highway or anywhere on the road. It may pose a road safety risk for the driver, the passengers, and the other drivers around.

We understand the immense risks of having a scrap car around and value the benefits of recycling them. Therefore, we offer free car removal services, paying top cash for cars. Our same-day car removal service won’t cost you a dime. You will have a same-day cash payment, while we will leave your driveway unblocked, free of space. What’s more, is that you will be our happy, pockets-loaded customer after selling your junk car for scrap.