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How Much Is My Junk Car Worth?

Junk cars don’t seem to be all that valuable. After all, even the regular vehicle depreciates over time. During its first year, you’re already losing 20%. Once it hits the five-year mark, your car will have lost around 60% of its original worth. What more an old junk, right? Wrong. You can still get a reasonable price when you sell the junk vehicle to a removal company in Sydney!

Determining The Worth Of Your Junk Car

How much can you earn from a junked vehicle exactly? Prices depend on several factors. Here are some things you can do to estimate the potential worth of a junk vehicle.

  1. Determine Your Car’s Weight

The average car weighs around 1.4 tons or 1300kg, and at least 65% of it consists of steel. This is the most crucial factor to consider when valuing a junk vehicle because most removal companies recycle and resell the metal to manufactures.

In Sydney, a kilogram of steel is priced at around $1.00-$1.50. Once you have your car’s exact weight in tons, you can multiply this number by the scrap metal price per ton, and you’ll have a rough estimate

  1. See What Parts Are Still Useable

Maybe you’re junking your car after several failed repairs on your engine. But this doesn’t mean that the rest of your vehicle can’t be salvaged.

People are constantly searching for more affordable alternatives to brand-new car batteries, chargers, DVRs, headlights, and GPS trackers, and your junked vehicle might just be able to help.

In fact, the more common your vehicle is the better prices you’ll get because the demand for spare parts is much higher. So if you have a worn-down Toyota Hilux sitting in your garage, this is your sign to have it wrecked.

  1. Check Your Car’s Current Market Worth

Finally, you’ll be able to get an idea what your junk car might be worth by looking at its estimated current market worth. Resources such as Red Book Australia and Cars Guide have a definitive list of pricing, so check these out to avoid getting scammed.

Where To Take Your Junk CarFor The Best Prices?

Because you’re selling a junk car, you need to be aware that not everyone might be willing to pay the price you’re aiming for. If you want to get the best worth, there’s only one place to go: Omega Cash for Cars!

Our services are free of charge, from your instant quote to the paperwork and the towing. You can simply call us at 0401 234 711, schedule your pick-up, and receive your cash, all on the same day. Plus, we’ll make sure to recycle your vehicle using the most environmentally friendly processes.