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Find Out About Salvage Yards & Scrap Yards – Are They Same Or Not?

Where does a vehicle end up at the end of its life? You might think that keeping it in your garage is enough. But did you know that there is car scrap yards in Sydney designed especially for this purpose? And they are not the same as salvage yards!

The Difference Between Salvage Yards And Car Scrap Yards In Sydney

If you’ve been taking steps to live a “greener” way of life, the line between car scrap yards and landfills is clear. The latter is more akin to a waste bin, only this time it’s much bigger and contains all sorts of rubbish, including dirt, rocks, and plastic.

The same cannot be said for the contrast between scrap yards and salvage yards. Although their names are sometimes used interchangeably, an automotive scrap yard buys scrap metal from almost any source. For instance, aside from cars, they will purchase leftover steel and aluminium from appliances, electrical wires, and soft drink cans.

On the other hand, salvage yards offer more extensive services. Besides the scrap metal in your vehicle, they are also willing to buy its spare parts. These centres break junk cars down to their last bit, selling off the components to interested customers.

Plus, it’s not only the solid components of your car being dismantled. Salvage yards also drain all its excess fluids, either disposing of them properly or recycling them for other purposes.

Car Scrap Yards In Sydney vs. Salvage Yards — Which One Is The Best For You?

Despite the slight difference in specialisations, both salvage and scrap yards perform a similar function: purchasing metal and other materials to sell for other purposes. But which option is better in the long run?

It all comes down to what you’re selling. If you’re only trying to get rid of a junk vehicle, salvage yards are your best option. You’ll be able to earn more cash this way, with them purchasing not only your scrap metals but also your spare parts.

Meanwhile, if you’re selling a large amount of metal, such as several vehicle frames in one go; car scrap yards are the number one choice! In addition, you can opt for a scrap yard if you don’t mind dismantling and selling spare parts yourself.

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