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FAQs for Car Owners

As an established car removals company, we’ve been asked several questions about our services. Before doing business with us, car owners have their apprehensions about selling their vehicles for scrap. Rightly so, we work towards answering all queries to the best of our abilities. We want to make sure that you get all the information you need to meet your vehicle wrecking requirements.

Questions we are frequently asked

Car owners approach us with the following questions, and we are always happy to answer.

1. How is Omega Cash for Cars different from other car removal companies?

Unlike our competitors, we provide a fixed quote. We do not haggle with the pricing upon arrival. We also make sure to beat any genuine quote by 5%.

2. I own a few vehicles for my transport business. They are minivans and large trucks, depending on the transportation I need to arrange for the goods in my business. Two of my minivans and one truck are turning to junk now. They keep breaking down. Should I call for a scrap car removal?

Yes, you can call us for a scrap car removal. We will share a total price value for the minivans and the truck that you wish to sell. You can contact us today to get a free quote for the entire costing.

3. My vehicle broke down recently, and it’s been in my garage ever since. I don’t want it anymore. How much can I get for it?

You can call us on 0401234711 or complete our online enquiry form. Our experts will contact you for a free car valuation and an unwanted car removal service.

4. Do you recycle vehicles at your scrapyard?

Yes, we carry out end-to-end processes from dismantling to wrecking and recycling. We ensure all essential auto parts are reused or recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

5. Do you buy scrap cars for cash?

Yes, we serve car removals all over Sydney in all makes and models. We tow vehicles ranging from cars, vans, trucks, four-wheel drives, utility vans, and more.

6. Can I schedule a same-day car removal service?

Yes, you can schedule a free same-day old car removal service. You can also re-schedule a service at the day and time of your convenience. Our trained towing experts will arrive at the designated location on time.

7. I have a new car that keeps breaking down. After speaking to my private repair guy, he said that the car sold to me had faulty parts. Now, no one wants to buy it from me. Should I sell my car for scrap and buy a new one?

If your vehicle has defective auto parts, the best thing to do is sell it for scrap. Repairing it will cost you a bomb! It will be the same case if you decide to restore it to sell privately. Don’t let this become a loss-making deal for you. We at Omega Cash for Cars will buy your new car at a premium rate of up to $9,000 or even higher.