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Facts About Unwanted Car Removal

Do you have an unwanted car on your property? If you are itching to get rid of it, then it might be time to look into vehicle removal services.

Essential Things To Know About Unwanted Car Removal In Sydney

Vehicle removal helps transfer unwanted, junk, and decommissioned cars from public and private property to a wrecking yard. Once a car enters our premises, it will undergo a heavily regulated recycling process that consists of the following steps:

  • Depollution or the removal of toxic engine fluids, coolant, and oil to prevent them from polluting the soil and endangering wildlife
  • Dismantling or taking apart the vehicle in search of reusable parts, such as the engine, transmission system, wheels, tyres, and seats
  • Crushing and shredding of the remaining vehicle frame to maximise space and efficiency
  • Separation of ferrous metals from non-ferrous materials and auto shredder residue (ASR)
  • Sending the recovered scrap metals to different manufacturers to produce new vehicle frames

Thanks to this process, Australia recovers about 5 million tonnes of scrap metal each year. And for every tonne of steel recycled, we conserve 1,131 kg of iron ore, 633 kg of coal, and 54 kg of limestone!

Car Removal Is A Thriving Industry

There’s more to waste materials than you may think. In Australia, metal waste is one of our biggest exports, with millions of tonnes sent to several countries each year.

For instance, one of our largest markets, Vietnam, has imported almost 400,000 tonnes of scrap metal from 2016 to 2017 alone. But don’t get it wrong; these “wastes” are essential for manufacturing new products, which is why they’re in high demand!

Car Removal Is Excellent For The Environment

It’s no surprise that vehicle wrecking is a fantastic way to reduce pollution. The process itself consumes less energy than mining and refining virgin ore, saving tonnes of natural resources.

In addition, car recycling protects living organisms, whether they’re plants, animals, or humans. For example, steel mining causes erosion and destroys already-endangered habitats. On the contrary, the depollution process prevents hazardous waste from entering the soil and bodies of water, making our surroundings much cleaner.

Finally, recycling your car instead of leaving it in landfills saves much-needed space!

Car Removal Is Widely Accessible

Unlike selling your unwanted cars to a dealership or private buyer, this method is much more manageable. There’s no need to neither advertise your vehicle nor negotiate with hard-headed customers. You can just call Omega Cash for Cars at 0401 234 711!

Omega Cash for Cars is a leading removal company in Sydney, offering top-notch services for free. You can schedule your pick-up and receive your quote in a single day, plus receive up to $9000 right on the spot. Contact us now and start saving the environment, one unwanted car at a time!