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Covid 19: Safety Regulations For Car Removal In Sydney!

The COVID-19 pandemic has made many of us realise that we can survive only with the essentials and that there is no point in keeping things we no longer need, like an old or junk car. If you’ve thought of finally getting rid of that unwanted vehicle, one of the quickest ways to do that is through car removals in Sydney! Service providers can give you the best worth for your vehicle no matter the condition and specifications, and they can pick up your car immediately.

However, car removal during the pandemic can be worrisome and stressful. After all, there’s still the risk of getting infected or infecting other people. Although most of the communication with the car removal service will be online or by phone, the risk is still there when you arrange for them to meet to pick up your vehicle and pay you in cash.

To Ease Your Worries, We’ll Share Some Of The Safety Regulations You Need To Know For Safe And Efficient Car Removals In Sydney:

Avoid Meet-Ups As Much As Possible

Established and reputable car removal companies can easily be reached by phone or online. Their websites have a form you can submit to get a quote, in case you don’t want to make a phone call. It’s a convenient way to get an estimate remotely. Just be sure that you are contacting a licensed and insured company to avoid getting scammed.

The only time you must meet with the company is when you have accepted their offer and arranged for a convenient pick-up time for car removal.

Compare Quotes

Get quotes from at least two proven and trusted service providers of car removals in Sydney. By comparing their offers and quality of service, you can make an informed choice to sell your car to them. Make sure that the company offers free quotes, towing, and paperwork, as well as same-day vehicle removal when necessary.

Arrange For Cashless Payments

Car removal companies typically pay you the promised cash amount on the spot when they pick up your car. However, they can also give you the payment in other ways, such as by depositing the cash to your bank account. Just let them know! This way, you won’t have to touch anything.

Don’t Forget Covid Safety Protocols!

You might want to disinfect common touchpoints on your car. If you still want to receive cash or a written cheque on the spot, make sure you wear a mask when meeting the car removal team and wash your hands properly after handling and storing the cash.

Wait It Out

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone who is sick, postpone car removals for another time when you feel better and when you’re absolutely sure that you are not contagious anymore. Get tested for the coronavirus and isolate yourself safely!

Omega Cash for Cars offers safe and reliable car removals in Sydney when you call 0401 234 711. We aim to make the car removal experience convenient and rewarding for you, with top cash offers of up to $9,000 regardless of your car’s condition, make, model, or year.