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Can You Sell An Unregistered Car In Sydney?

Why do some people, especially cost-savers prefer buying unregistered cars? The reason is that the car can be purchased at a lower price. However, this raises questions for the buyer. Why hasn’t the car been registered? Is there something technically wrong with it? Did it not pass the roadworthy tests? Does the car need extra maintaining?

When you do an internet search like – selling unregistered car NSW, you find several metal-wrecking websites offering great deals. Therefore, metal scrapers are a good option when it comes to selling a car that is old and of no use. The best deals by car buyers Sydney has to offer is up to $9,000. For instance, we at Omega cash for cars offer a good price regardless of your car being registered or not. We look for the parts that can be salvaged while the rest is recycled. Most metal wreckers do not provide this type of service.

 Can you sell an unregistered car in Sydney?

It’s a question many car owners ask as they want to sell their vehicle that is not registered.

If you’re looking to sell an unregistered car to a buyer then you would have to drop your selling price. You will have to offer a discount price as the buyer would have to spend on registration. A lower selling price can also be a great buying magnet in the market among competitors where most cars are registered.

Letting the buyer take the car for a test drive is risky. It’s against the law so it would be better if you do not allow a test drive. Sending out the potential buyer in an uninsured car, in the likelihood of an accident can cause serious trouble for you.

There is a way around this problem. You can issue an unregistered vehicle permit. This will allow the buyer to drive the vehicle home after purchase. Checking regulations for selling an unregistered car in NSW is advisable.

Therefore, internet searches like – selling unregistered car NSW can only get so far.

The best car buyer Sydney has to offer

At Omega cash for cars, we are one of the best car buyers Sydney has to offer. This is because we accept any vehicle no matter the condition. If your car is not wanted by you anymore or if it’s old and you’ve bought a new one; we’re here.

We manage all the paperwork depending on the current status of your car. Your work will be mainly to give us information about your vehicle. The rest will be done by us including free towing of your car. There are no hidden charges. All work is done on the same day as the scheduled pick-up. We will tow your car, pay you in cash, and complete the process in no time – all on the same day.

Selling an unregistered car can be tricky and riddled with questions. Try your luck with us and see what you get. We’re just a call away – 0401 234 711.