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Can I Sell My Low Battery Car To Wreckers?

If your car isn’t starting, it’s probably because the battery is drained. Perhaps you made the mistake of leaving the headlights on overnight after coming from a long day at work. It could also be an issue of parasitic drain. Did you know that even if your car is not running, the battery still powers components such as the clock, radio, and alarm system? This causes parasitic drain, and it’s nothing to be worried about if your battery is new because most batteries are powerful enough to maintain this. However, other problems such as faulty wiring and poor installation may lead the parasitic drain to consume more energy than necessary!

A faulty alternator can also drain your car battery. Your alternator is responsible for recharging your car’s battery and powering the lights, radio, and air conditioners. Unfortunately, if your alternator has a bad diode, it can cause the circuit to charge and render your battery useless.

And then there’s the issue of extreme temperature. As an Australian, you’re probably used to the country’s hot and humid summers. But most cars are not built to last in this weather. When it gets extremely hot, sulphate crystals can build up in your vehicle and damage your battery.

Are you having double thoughts about selling your car to wreckers knowing that it might have a bad battery? Not sure if it’s starting problems are caused by something bigger, like a bad alternator, a problem with the starter, or corroded connection cables? The good news is yes, you can sell your car to wreckers no matter what its condition. Most wrecking companies are licensed to buy any type of vehicle; even those that are no longer running.
If you’re worried that the car won’t start and you can’t take it to the wreckers, relax. The best car wreckers can come to you and tow the vehicle, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

The real question is what happens to your battery after your sell your car to wreckers? Most people don’t realise that lead-acid vehicle batteries are actually 99% recyclable. Wrecking companies will remove the battery from your car, ensuring that no fluid leaks out, and transport them to recycling centres. Some may even complete the recycling process themselves.

Meanwhile, batteries that still have some juice left with be sold as spare parts for a lower price. Here at Omega Cash for Cars, we’ll make sure that no battery goes to waste, and you can sell your car to us for up to $9000! Just give us a call at 0401 234 711, and we’ll pick your car up in an instant. Towing is free! It doesn’t matter if the car is no longer starting because of a bad battery. We can take it off your hands at no cost to you.