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Can I Get Rid Of My Scrap Car For Cash? If It Doesn’t Have Wheels?

Let’s face it. Your vehicle could have all the flashy features in the world, as well as a robust engine and top-of-the-line batteries, and it still wouldn’t be any use on the road without wheels. Of course, you can always buy spares when the situation calls for it. But sometimes, it’s better to simply sell your car scraps for cash!

The Most Common Problems With Car Tyres

Your tyres are built for durability known to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. In fact, you have a variety of options in terms of strength, material, and style:

  • Alloy wheels are the most common type, famous for their lightweight nature. They are manufactured using aluminium and magnesium, resulting in an alloy that’s more efficient at conducting heat.
  • Steel wheels are the most affordable option in the market; however, they don’t lack functionality. They are solid and heavy, withstanding intense weather and demanding driving styles.
  • Chrome wheels are perfect for the flashy driver, known for their sleek and shiny finish. However, the layer of chromium used in these wheels isn’t just for show; they also help avoid corrosion on the surface.

Unfortunately, no matter what type of wheel you choose, you’ll eventually end up dealing with unforeseeable issues. For instance, the Japanese carmaker Mazda has once recalled over 20,000 vehicles due to wheels that haven’t been appropriately tightened!

In Addition, You May Experience The Following Issues That Will Risk Your Safety On The Road:           

  • Wobble or vibration

Notice a weird wobbling feeling even when you’re driving on a smooth road? This could be the sign of a worn tire, a damaged wheel, or an alignment issue.

  • Defects affecting other systems

Did you know that damage to your wheels can also cause problems to your internal systems? This is because wheel failure leads to them not turning freely, impacting your transmission, axle, and CV joint.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s best to call for a mechanic or remove the wheels yourself. Once you’ve determined that repairs are becoming too frequent, maybe it’s time to sell your scrap car for cash! 

How To Get Rid Of Your Scrap Car For Cash?

Selling car scraps has never been a problem for most drivers because removal services can be found everywhere in Australia. But there’s one complication: Who would accept a vehicle without wheels?

This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, however. At Omega Cash for Cars, we will buy scrap car for a cash offering up to $9000. And yes, we buy all kinds of vehicles, whether it’s missing wheels, windshields, or even an entire door.

Call us now via 0401234711 to schedule a free same-day removal service straight from your location!