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cash for old cars

If you have an old car blocking space in your garage, we will help take it off your hands. Omega Cash for Cars is Sydney’s trusted and LEADING VEHICLE REMOVAL COMPANY. We are a licensed car removal and wrecker company. You don’t have to worry about a thing; we’ll do the rest and even offer instant cash for old cars value of up to $9,000

Cash for Old Cars

Letting go of your old car was never this simple! We are an establishment of experienced workers. Our team specialises in taking care of your every car removal need and issue.

We have a simple car removal process 

At Omega Cash for Cars, we have a wide range of services delivered to you proficiently and professionally. We have trained staff ready for CAR REMOVAL NO MATTER THE LOCATION ACROSS SYDNEY. Here’s what we do to make sure you have a seamless car removal experience. 

  • We share a quote – when you call us to enquire a price value for your car. We ask for a few details. Our team of experts are quick and mindful of the current prices in the market. You are given a free quote for a cash value of up to $9,000. If you agree to the amount, we move on to the next step.
  • We schedule a car pick up – Our next step is to schedule a free car removal. The towing happens on the same day you give us a call or at a date and time convenient to you. We are open to serve you 24/7.
  • We pay you in cash – You will get full payment in cash for your old car on the exact day of the vehicle towing process. 

We follow a simple car removal process that gets done swiftly and professionally. 

We’ll handle all the paperwork 

On the day of the pick-up, our team will arrive at the decided location for car removal. We will complete the paperwork on towing and taking possession of your vehicle. The details regarding the disposal of your car will be documented as well. All you have to do is read the details mentioned and provide your signature and a copy of your ID. 

Get ready to experience HASSLE-FREE PAPERWORK at Omega Cash for Cars. We promise to deliver a seamless car removal process with no worries about documentation. 

Sell your old car before it’s too late 

We can get too attached to our old vehicles and neglect to see them aging towards junk-hood. Before we know it, the old car has auto parts that refuse to work efficiently. Instead of reading the signs, we ignore them, including the challenges we face while driving an old car. There is an increased chance of old cars becoming accident-prone due to their very nature of breaking down, part by part. If you’ve still got that old car sitting in the garage, it’s time for an intervention.

How to recognise your car is young no more 

How do you determine that your vehicle has passed its days of prime?

It’s straightforward when you begin to notice the individual signs. 

  • The clutch becomes rusty and stiff to press, plus it makes a squeaky sound. 
  • The accelerator makes squeaky noises, too, even after oiling it a dozen times.
  • Your car gets overheated, and smoke rises out from the hood time and again.
  • Your vehicle has stopped functioning, and it doesn’t start anymore.
  • Your vehicle has completed a mileage of 200,000 miles over the years.
  • The maintenance costs have exceeded the costs of buying a new car.
  • Your car breaks down repeatedly, even after countless repairs.
  • The car battery shuts down more often than before.
  • Your mechanic has given up on repairing your vehicle.
  • The door panels are noticeably tumbling inwards.
  • Your dashboard is filled with unwanted cracks.

If these are what you’ve been experiencing with your car, it’s time for car removal.

We offer cash for old cars at a premium rate

Our premium prices vary, but we make sure you get the HIGHEST VALUE FOR YOUR CAR. Based on sound evaluation and details, we offer a free quote of up to $9,000. At Omega Cash for Cars, we believe in giving you the best service with the highest quote for your old vehicle. There’s no better way to part with your old car than to get the highest returns.

If the price we’ve offered is not acceptable, you are welcome to try other car wreckers too. It is advisable to compare the quotes you get from other sources to make a sound car selling decision.

We accept all vehicle types 

We don’t just pay cash for old cars. We’ll accept and pay money for trucks, vans, SUVs, utility vehicles, and even four-wheel drives. Our team will drive to the location you set for a pick-up and remove your vehicle. Our car removal trucks have high tech systems to manage any pick-up. 

Cash for Old Cars -1

If you have a car, that is: 

  • Old, rusty, and broken
  • irreversibly damaged
  • not wanted anymore
  • turned to scrap
  • It looks more like a junk piece of metal 

We’ll take it!

Your old car is an Environmental Hazard

When an old car is left unused in the driveway or the garage, it poses an environmental hazard. The fluids and oils inside the engine and the other auto parts, including the batteries, start to emit toxic gases. These poisonous chemicals corrode the car parts and seep out of the vehicle. This leakage can harm the environment by seeping into the ground and mixing with the groundwater.

Why are we the best car wreckers in Sydney? We value every car owner’s love for their vehicle and the care put into it over the years. It’s only natural to ensure its safety during the disposal process too.

Call us on 0401234711 to get a free quote and to understand our car removal process in detail. You may also fill up our online form in case you are unable to make a direct call.


1. How will I get paid?
You will get paid in cash or bank transfer based on the agreed quote.

2. Will you pick up my car for removal anywhere?
We service all regions of Sydney, regardless of where your vehicle is located.

3. What if the car is damaged during the towing process?
The car removal process is taken seriously. We ensure proper handling by our trained staff members.

4. What happens to my vehicle after it is taken by Omega Cash for Cars?
Your vehicle is dismantled and then wrecked. Auto parts that can be reused are sold.

5. Before the car removal, am I supposed to drain the car fluids and oil?
No, you do not need to do anything. We will dispose of the harmful fluids and oils in an eco-friendly manner.