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cash for cars wollongong

In providing our services to the people of ‘The Gong’, we aim to cover every part of this tremendous coastal strip. Omega Cash for Cars is a certified car wrecking company catering to every city in Sydney. If you are looking for a reliable car buyer in Wollongong, we are your go-to towing experts.

Cash for Cars Wollongong

We will buy your car and offer you cash in payment for the highest amount you couldn’t imagine. Is your vehicle burnt, damaged, trashed, turned to junk, drowned or entirely wrecked? That’s fine; we’ve got you covered. Hand over the car keys and move on to your next adventurous ride.

Want to earn cash for cars in Wollongong? Here’s what you have to do:

  • Give us your car details: Contact us on 0401234711 or share the details of your car with us. If you want to skip the call, then fill our online enquiry form.
  • Get a free quote: We’ll share a free quote of the highest price with you. That’s right, up to $9,000.
  • Schedule a Car Removal: Once the quote has been finalised and mutually agreed, we’ll send our trained staff for car removal.

We have a trained team of experts

A trained and professionally ethical staff matters to us because we take you and your vehicle seriously. From quoting a price to doing the paperwork and handling the car removal, every procedure is done with utmost care. We also manage with thorough expertise and experience the DISMANTLING and WRECKING OF YOUR CAR.

The benefits of having a great team are that you are given proficient services without having to lift a finger. Our people will engage in a healthy negotiation so that all your car removal needs are considered. We believe in maintaining excellent customer service no matter the time of day or hour of the week.

Do you have a car waiting to be wrecked?

Here’s a great way to earn cash for cars in Wollongong. All you have to do is sell that old, junk vehicle that’s been decaying in your garage. You don’t want a cluttered garage or occupied driveway that can be replaced by something better. Your new car probably needs a great parking space, but your old car is blocking its way. How about sell the old vehicle to wreckers and EARN A HIGH PAY in return? If this doesn’t inspire you enough, let us help you find more reason.

Cash For Cars Wollongong - Omega Cash for Cars

  • Has your old car been lying around in your garage because it’s broken down and won’t start more?
  • Is its state so far from better that no amount of repairs and part replacement will work anymore?
  • Have you previously sold its parts, and now you want to get rid of the junk piece of what remains?
  • Has your vehicle been through a terrible road accident? We are glad you’re okay!
  • Does the interior of your vehicle emit the strangest of car smells but isn’t getting better after treatments and maintenance?
  • Do you want to buy a new car but need to pull in all your financial resources so you can pay straight up?
  • Is the car dealership offer just a meagre exchange amount equal to burning a hole in the pocket?

Protect the environment against deadly fumes and fluids

Selling your old car needs no excuse, but there’s an even more significant concern if you don’t, especially for the environment. An old and damaged car is an environmental hazard. The chemicals present in the battery, car engine, and fluids can seep through the ground. These chemicals were only meant for running the vehicle, but they are unsafe when exposed to the environment.

That is why it is essential to dispose of the car’s fluids and chemicals separately. We specialise in disposing of these toxic chemicals. We hope you consider saving the environment from the harmful and poisonous fumes and fluids released by your junk car.

Cash for cars in Wollongong offered for up to $9,000 

We VALUE YOUR TIME, and so we like to keep it short and sweet when doing business with you. Our team of experts are available 24/7 to help you with your car removal needs.

If you need a quote, we will provide the same instantly just after acquiring a few minor details from you. We offer a free quote that may go up to $9,000 with no hidden charges.

Don’t worry about your car’s condition even if it does not start or move anymore. We specialise in CAR REMOVALS REGARDLESS OF THEIR CONDITION. We believe in making things easier for you, and so we’ll arrive at the location without delay. You don’t have to drive to the scrapyard by yourself. We will come to you and do everything, from car removal to cash payment on the same day.

We have a customer support team ready to address all your concerns and queries in-personon-call, or even online. We are prepared to serve you throughout the week and are ready to offer you the highest price value. All you have to do is put your feet up while we do the rest to take the car off your hands.

We accept all types of vehicles

We won’t make a fuss if you don’t have a car but instead have a van, truck, SUV, 4wd, or utility vehicle. We’ll accept all vehicles regardless of their condition.

If you have a car, that is:

  • irreversibly damaged
  • not wanted anymore
  • turned to scrap
  • It looks more like a junk piece of metal
  • defective new car

We’ll take it!

Give us the destination, and we’ll be ready for a quick pick up. We are geared with MODERN MACHINERY, HIGH-TECH EQUIPMENT, and SERVICED TRUCKS FOR CAR REMOVAL. The vehicle you sell doesn’t have to be old and one that has completed 200,000 miles. Do you have a new car that turned out to be faulty? Will no one buy it from you? We’ll be your car buyer and reach out to you with a premium price rate.

Fill up our online form to get a free quote or call us on 0401234711, and we will get back to you.

One of the popular car removal service providers in Sydney is OMEGA CASH FOR CARS. If you are living in Wollongong, Omega Cash for Cars in Wollongong is there for you to pay you instant cash money of value up to $9,000 for the most terrible condition car that you own.


Omega Cash for Cars in Wollongong is well-aware of the fact that that selling a car is a strenuous task. Hence we have designed a simple three step process to help our YOU!

  • An instant quote
  • Free car removal service
  • Payment

For the best car removal service that you can rely on every time, trust us.


There are many car removal service providers around you but you can choose Omega Cash for Cars for the following right reasons:

  • FAIR: We share fair quotes after correct valuation of your car
  • ACTIVE: We are an active company that is available 24/7 to serve you
  • FREE TOWING SERVICE:We provide free car-removal service all over Sydney
  • HASSEL FREE PAPERWORK:It is our responsibility to get all the documents ready for you. You just need to approve quote and sell your car. Leave the rest to us
  • GREEN: We follow eco-friendly protocol for car removal, dismantle and disposal service

So, hurry up and get yourself a reliable car buyer who pays you top cash the same day your car is removed.


1. What is your payment method?
Our payment method is flexible. We can pay in cash, bank cheque or online transfer.

2. Do you recycle scrap vehicles?
Yes, we recycle junk, scrap, damaged, broken-down and unwanted cars.

3. Some auto parts were stolen from my car. Will you accept it regardless?
Yes, we will buy your vehicle regardless of its condition, with or without parts.

4. Will you pick up my car for removal anywhere in Wollongong?
We service all areas in Wollongong, regardless of where your vehicle is located.

5. Do you pay cash for damaged cars?
Yes, we pay cash for damaged cars, including old, scrap, junk, burnt, and unwanted vehicles.