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Omega Cash for Cars is your LEADING CAR REMOVAL COMPANY IN SYDNEY. We service all regions, including Penrith. While you experience this scenic city of museum and river alike, we aim to rid junk vehicles off the streets.

Our services as car wreckers in Penrith 

We cater to a range of vehicles regardless of their type and condition. Our main aim is to ensure that every unwanted car is disposed of in the best way possible. That is why we commit ourselves to a 24/7 service with vehicle towing availability all across the city. You can call us on 0401234711 or fill our online enquiry form to get a free quote for your car.

So, here’s what we do to give you WORRY-FREE CAR REMOVAL SERVICES: 

  1. Once you’ve called us or filled our online form for a FREE QUOTE, we’ll share a price value. If you agree to the quote, our next step is to schedule a car removal.
  2. The CAR REMOVAL PROCESS will take place on the same day of the call or the next day. We welcome dates suited to your time and schedule. We manage documentation and other formalities that are handled by our team of professionals.
  3. You GET PAID IN CASH on the same day of the towing. Wherever your vehicle is located, we will be there to collect and rid the car off your hands.

Get Up To $9,000 For Your Unwanted Car 

We recommend that you save your time from lengthy negotiations with car dealers. They’ll convince you why your vehicle is not worth the sale. While we understand they have a business to run, so do we. That is why we only want to offer the HIGHEST PRICE you can get for your junk vehicle. 

We offer up to $9,000, which could even go higher depending on the current marketing price. All we will need are a few details about your car. Once the price is set and you are okay with it, we begin with the paperwork. Please leave it to us to complete all the formalities while you sit back to ENJOY A SPACIOUS DRIVEWAY. 

The best way to move on from your junk car 

We understand how sentimentally attached one can get with their vehicle, but the solution is in letting go. Moving on from an old car is in everyone’s best interest, including your vehicle. 

So, here are a few ways we recommend you can use to let go of that old vehicle. 

  1. Browse the latest car models in the market. Sometimes, looking at what’s out there can help you move on from the old vehicle.
  2. Imagine a spacious garage and then work towards getting rid of stored but useless items. That includes your junk vehicle.
  3. Ask around at several car removal companies for the best quote you can get. As car wreckers in Penrith, we’ll make sure to offer you the highest quote. The price value will help you move on quickly. Think of it as a return on investment.
  4. Write down a list of cons that outweigh the positives of keeping the old car. Let us help you with a few reasons that will lead you to move on. Your junk car doesn’t work anymore and is leaking harmful fluids. It’s collecting dust, and you spend nearly an hour or more just washing it every week.
  5. Suppose the car is causing you to empty your pockets for repairs and maintenance. That means your car is burning a hole in your pocket more than it should. You would spend lesser buying a new car.  

We accept all vehicles at Penrith 

No matter the condition of your vehicle, we will accept wholeheartedly. Our mission is to clear the streets of unwanted cars. So, if you have a car in the following condition, call us today!

  • Scrap/Junk Car 

A vehicle that you’ve run for a long time, and now, it’s just lying around. You’ve even managed to remove the parts and sell them, but the car remains at the same spot.

  • Used Car 

You’ve used the car, and while it is still functional, you can get a better offer than from another buyer or car dealer. 

  • Accident/damaged Car 

Your car has been in a road accident with irreversible damages, or it can be repaired but at a high cost. It would be best to sell the damaged car. 

  • New Car

You recently bought a new car, but it turned out to be faulty and defective in more ways than one. The vehicle cannot be sold before you incur substantial repair costs. Sell it to car wreckers in Penrith like us and earn a high cash amount of up to $9,000 or more. 

  • Salvaged Car 

A salvage car is deemed a total loss by the insurance company. You want to sell it to metal wreckers now that its damages are too costly to repair. 

So, if the above vehicles are in the conditions, your car is experiencing at the moment; time to sell it. 

Protect the Penrith environment 

As car wreckers in Penrith, we believe in preserving its natural habitat. Protecting the environment is an important reason why scrap cars should be taken off the streets immediately. You may know that vehicles contain essential fluids, chemicals, and oils to keep the car running. 

However, as it covers the necessary mileage over 15 years or more, harmful gases are emitted from the vehicle, plus toxic chemicals begin to leak. As a result, the ENVIRONMENT IS EXPOSED TO DANGEROUS and POISONOUS CHEMICALS that mix with the groundwater. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure the proper disposal of these cars.  

Before we wreck any car, the chemicals, engine oils, and other fluids are disposed of through an eco-friendly standardised protocol.

For more details on how we can set an accurate quote for you, give us a call on 0401234711 or fill our online enquiry form.  


1. Do you service all areas of Penrith?
Yes, we provide cash for car and car removal services Penrith wide.

2. Is it necessary for me to have my car keys while selling my car?
We can still buy your car without the key. If you have lost your keys, just let our friendly staff know in advance so we can plan ahead.

3. My car is not movable. I won’t be able to drive it to the scrapyard..
We have a free car removal service. You won’t have to drive your vehicle to the scrapyard.

4. What information do I have to give about my car?
The year, make, model and current condition of the car.

5. Do you recycle old cars?
Yes, we recycle old and junk cars of all makes and models.