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Why we are the best Auto Wreckers for Damaged Cars

If you’ve been struggling to find the best auto wreckers in town, you don’t have to look too far. We’re right here in your neighbourhood in NSW. Even if you live in a place that’s far away, as long as you’re in Sydney, we’ll be there in no time. We are a licensed car wreckers and car removals company geared with the expertise to serve you.

What makes us the best auto wreckers in town?

First things first, our services are designed to meet all your car removal problems. So, you don’t have to put up costly ads to sell your car at a loss. Here’s how we’ll deliver solutions.

  • Your car was in an accident and is now sitting in the garage, damaged. You can’t repair it because the insurance isn’t covering the entire cost. So, the repairs are turning out to be expensive. Don’t burn a hole in your pockets just yet; there’s still hope. Yes, you can’t get your car back the way it used to be, but you can buy a new one. Do away with the old one by selling it to us for premium Aussie dollars of up to $9,000.
  • But who’s going to do the paperwork? There’s a ton of formalities to cover before selling off a used and damaged car. No worries, mate! Omega Cash for Cars has you covered on all the paperwork. All we’ll need from you is the registration certificate and a photo ID copy.
  • We have a no-obligation policy which means that you don’t have to get back to us. Once you get a free quote from us, you can do the rest of your research for a better price. If you are happy with our price value offered, you can give us a callback. We will get started with the paperwork and carry out a same-day damaged car removals
  • We will reach your premises in no time, and when we do, we’ll do a short car inspection. Once our experts have all the details they need, they will tow your damaged car in the safest way possible. We practice safe towing procedures with state-of-the-art machinery. Also, in light of the COVID-19 situation, we make sure to practice safe distancing. Our staff operates under stringent safety protocols.
  • Once we take your vehicle to our scrap yard, we will proceed with our car wrecking solutions. Your damaged vehicle will be dismantled along with the proper disposal of fluids and engine oils, etc.
  • After your car is dismantled, we will check for auto parts to repurpose and sell them to interested metal manufacturers. Your car’s auto parts will be recycled and reused accordingly. You will have contributed to a greener and safer environment by providing your damaged car with wrecking services.

As Sydney’s leading car removals company, we bring you the finest and highly professional services. We do not haggle with price points as our rates offered are fixed. In the process, we make sure that your car is taken off your hands as quickly as possible.