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Can I Sell My Old Car For Cash?

There are some cars you just don’t want to part with but you must. A car that’s been run for over 20 years is a long time. We bet you’re habituated to its setbacks. You no longer find that misty smell in the cabin to be a problem. Your 20-year-old son or daughter complaining about the crack in the rearview mirror does not bother you. Engine failure is just another regular day for you. Your mechanic doesn’t mind charging you for added repairs every three months.

It’s easy to get used to the grind when you haven’t yet experienced life without it. However, if you hear a friend say, “I want to sell my old car for cash.” You may find it funny but it’s possible as there are plenty of used car buyers in Sydney. Question is – when are you going to give up the used metal box in your garage?

Can I sell my old car for cash?

You can sell your old car at a great price at Omega cash for cars. It’s an easy and simple process. All you have to do is contact us and we will ask you a few questions about your car. Regardless of the make, condition, damage, and model of your vehicle, we will accept.

With the condition of your car, you get to earn up to $9,000 in cash. We are one of the best-used car buyers in Sydney as we work with transparency. We apply no hidden charges. All details are discussed with you upfront. Even the paperwork is managed by us because we know how tiresome that can get. We value your time. Therefore, upon finalisation of the price, we will tow your car on the same day you get paid for it.

Why should you sell your old car?

Every piece of machine that works on a motor has a lifecycle that once ended needs to be discarded. There is no more chance for upgrading it or replacing a few parts. A car or any other type of vehicle for that matter is the same case. After a point in time, even the parts of the old model of the car are no longer manufactured. If your car is that old then it is time to let go.

Look at it as an opportunity to buy a new car. It’s something exciting because you get to re-select a model, colour, shade, and features, etc of your choice.

Retaining an old car with its aging machinery also poses a threat to the environment. The toxic fluids present in each compartment could seep out. Over the years, parts of the car may have deteriorated due to wear and extensive use. It would be wise to recycle the vehicle where salvageable parts can be reused.

Avail vehicle wrecking services with us, your leading used car buyers in Sydney. We are just a call away. Get in touch with us and sell your old car for price deals better than any other dealer.